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OUHSC Parking & Transportation

Rules and Regulations

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1-1-1. Purpose

1-1-2. Authority and Applicability

1-1-3. Objectives

1-1-4. Amendments and Changes in Allocation 

1-1-5. Definitions

1-1-6. Rules of Evidence

1-1-7. Liability

1-1-8. Severability

2-1-1. Displaying Permits

2-1-2. Special Permits

2-1-3. Lost or Stolen Permits

2-1-4. Custody of Permits 

3-1-1. Traffic Requirements

3-1-2. Designated Parking Areas 

3-1-3. Metered Spaces 

3-1-4. Method of Parking 

3-1-5. Motorcycle and Motorbike Parking

3-1-6. Visitor and Patient Parking 

3-1-7. Unusual Parking Needs 

3-1-8. Damage to Parking Equipment, Structures, etc. 

3-1-9. Parking Fees 

4-1-1. Penalties

4-1-2. Repeat Offenses

4-1-3. Vehicle Impoundment

4-1-4. Vehicle Immobilization

4-1-5. Impoundment of Abandoned and Derelict Vehicles

5-1-1. Appeals

6-1-1. Late Payment Charge 

6-1-2. Method of Payment

6-1-3. Replacement Fee

6-1-4. Returned Checks 

6-1-5. Collection Methods

7-1-1. Handbills, Advertisements, Fliers, etc.

7-1-2. Feeding Wildlife

1-1-1. Purpose
To establish procedures and standards for parking in the Oklahoma Health Center.
1-1-2. Authority and Applicability

(a) Authority. The State of Oklahoma has determined that it is in the best interests of the Oklahoma Health Center that rules be established to govern the parking of motor vehicles by Oklahoma Health Center employees, students, visitors, and other categories of users at the Oklahoma Health Center and has designated the University of Oklahoma as the authority to operate and control parking and transportation for the Oklahoma Health Center district pursuant to Title 74, Section 7068, et seq. of the Oklahoma Statutes. Accordingly, this Chapter has been developed and implemented by the University of Oklahoma Regents to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of business and to allocate the limited parking space available at the Oklahoma Health Center. Parking a motor vehicle on the University of Oklahoma Parking and Transportation Services controlled property is conditioned, in part, on compliance with this Chapter.

(b) Applicability. This Chapter is applicable to all members of the Oklahoma Health Center faculty, staff, students, visitors, patients, customers, office occupants, tenants, vendors and contractors.

1-1-3. Objectives
The objectives of the parking rules in this Chapter are:

(1) Safety. Effective and enforceable parking rules will facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of Oklahoma Health Center business.

(2) Allocation. Parking rules will allow parking officials to allocate parking space as conveniently as possible for all user groups within the limits of the space available and the priorities assigned.

(3) Access. Proper enforcement of parking rules will assure access at all times for emergency equipment.

1-1-4. Amendments and Changes in Allocation
(a) Amendments. The University of Oklahoma may revise, alter, or amend the rules in this Chapter when conditions warrant.

(b) Changes in allocation. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to change the allocation of parking spaces when deemed necessary in view of overall Oklahoma Health Center needs including, but not limited to, visitor parking for special events. Temporary changes in allocation and/or in the enforcement posture relating to the rules in this Chapter need not be published or otherwise publicly announced prior to implementation. The OUHSC Parking Office will make a reasonable effort to notify beforehand any user group which can be anticipated to be affected by temporary changes in allocation or availability.

1-1-5. Definitions

The following words or terms, when used in this Chapter shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Booting" means to immobilize a vehicle through the use of a device designed to be attached to a tire/wheel that renders the vehicle inoperable.

"Contractor" means an individual or employee/representative of a commercial enterprise providing goods and/or services to the Oklahoma Health Center for a single, limited purpose or period.

"Customer" means any person, who is actively patronizing a retail sales/service vendor located on the Oklahoma Health Center.

"Double-parked" means parked behind or beside a legally parked vehicle in such a way as to prevent its driver from moving it.

"Loading Zone" means "Service Vehicle/Loading Zone," as defined in this section.

"OUHSC" means the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Parking and Transportation Services.

"Media" means an employee or person representing in a paid or other official capacity an enterprise providing public broadcast or print media services.

"Motor vehicle" means automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, recreational vehicles, trailers and other mechanized mobile equipment.

"Oklahoma Health Center" means those parking spaces under the control of OUHSC which are within the "District" as identified in Title 74, Section 7068 et seq. of the Oklahoma Statutes.

"Parking Office" means the OUHSC office serving as the primary point of contact with parking and shuttle customers.

"Parking/traffic control devices" means fixed or portable signs, cones, signals, barriers, barricades, ribbon or flag lines emplaced by or at the direction of employees of the OUHSC Parking and Transportation Services, or the OUHSC Police Department.

"Red zone" means any paved area or space, the curbing or boundary marker of which has been painted 'traffic Red' to indicate that private vehicles may not legally be parked there.

"Reserved Area" means any parking space designated by OUHSC for the use of a particular group of persons.

"Service vehicle/loading zone" means any space or area identified by signage or other means as reserved for use by OUHSC vehicles and/or vehicles operated by other entities providing goods and/or services to entities in the Oklahoma Health Center or for loading/unloading.

"Validated parking ticket" means a ticket received by a visitor or patient when entering a pay parking area, which has been stamped or otherwise validated by a Oklahoma Health Center organization which has agreed to pay the parking fee.

"Vendor" means an individual or employee/representative of a commercial enterprise providing goods and/or services to organizations or entities of the Oklahoma Health Center on a continuing basis.

"Visitor" means any person, to include patients, unaffiliated with the organizations and entities of the Oklahoma Health Center as an employee, contractor, student, vendor, office occupant, or tenant.

1-1-6. Rules of Evidence

(a) Prima facie evidence. When a vehicle is found to be in violation of this Chapter, it shall be considered prima facie evidence that the vehicle was parked by:

(1) The person holding an OUHSC parking permit for the vehicle;

(2) The person, company, corporation or firm in whose name the vehicle is registered with the Oklahoma Tax Commission or the corresponding agency of another state (if no parking permit has been issued for the vehicle); or

(3) The son, daughter, spouse, or ward of the registered owner enrolled in or employed with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, the University Hospitals Authority, the Veterans Administration, OUMI or another agency on the Oklahoma Health Center.

(b) Leased vehicles. The prima facie rule of evidence established by this section shall not apply to the registered owner of a leased or rented vehicle when said owner can furnish evidence that the vehicle was, at the time of the parking violation, leased or rented, to another person. In such instances, the owner of the vehicle shall, within reasonable time after notification of the parking violation, furnish the OUHSC Parking Office with the name and address of the person or company who leased or rented the vehicle.

1-1-7. Liability

The OUHSC Parking and Transportation Services assumes no liability or responsibility for damage or theft to any vehicle parked in or on OUHSC controlled properties. The provisions of this ordinance shall apply to all operators of all vehicles, public and private, and they shall be enforced twenty-four hours a day except as otherwise specified.

1-1-8. Severability

If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, phrase, or portion of the rules in this Chapter is, for any reason, held invalid or unconstitutional by any court or body of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate distinct, and independent provision, and such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the rules in this Chapter.



2-1-1. Displaying Permits

(a) Permit required. No motor vehicle may be parked on OUHSC controlled parking lots (except visitor areas) without a current parking permit or other authorization from the OUHSC Parking Office. Only one permit will be issued, and can be transferred to any vehicle driven by the permit owner.

(b) Displaying permits. No vehicle is considered compliant for parking purposes until a current permit and decal have been properly and visibly displayed (the permit face, including number, must be visible).

(1) Hang tag permits. All "hang tag" type permits must be displayed by hanging them from the inside rearview mirror, when the vehicle is so equipped. If the vehicle does not have an inside rearview mirror or the permit will not fit on the mirror, the permit must be displayed on the front dash, centered above the steering wheel. The current parking permit alone is not permission to park. It must be displayed with a window decal.

(2) Motorcycle permits. Motorcycle decals/permits must be displayed on the front fork of the motorcycle.

(3) Convertibles. Copies of hang tag permits may be displayed on the front dash, centered above the steering wheel, on convertible type vehicles where the hang tag cannot be secured inside the vehicle. OUHSC may issue a sticker or decal which must be attached to the left rear bumper.

(4) Window decals. The parking decal must be displayed on the outside of the rear window, at the lower left (driver) side. If the vehicle has no rear window, decal may be displayed on the rear bumper, at the lower left (driver) side. Decal must be completely affixed by the manufacturer's adhesive. The decal alone is not permission to park. It must be displayed with a valid Parking Permit.

(5) Other special permits. Special Permits, which are not hang tag or window decal type permits, must be displayed on the front dash, centered above the steering wheel.

(6) Substitutes for permits. Only parking permits issued or authorized by the OUHSC Parking Office are valid and will be honored. Such substitutes as signs or decals made or issued by others, hand-written notes left on the exterior of a vehicle, etc., are unacceptable, and will not be honored by enforcement personnel. (See exception for convertibles in paragraph (3) of this section).


(c) Responsibility for citations. Permits determined to be in use by other than the original purchaser are void, and are subject to confiscation. The permit owner is responsible for citations issued to any vehicle displaying that permit unless the permit has been reported as lost or stolen.

(d) Norman Campus Permits.

(1) Norman Campus permits issued to Norman students are valid on the Health Sciences Center campus only in student lots.

(2) Norman Campus permits issued to Norman faculty/staff are valid on the Health Sciences Center campus only in employee lots.

(3) Norman Campus permits are not valid in Service Vehicle areas and visitor areas. Vehicles must display the current OU hang tag permit when parked on the Health Sciences Center campus.

(4) The HSC campus does not honor the President Associates permits.

2-1-2. Special Permits

(a) Categories. Several categories of special permits have been designed to accommodate needs and users outside the purview of the regularly issued types of permits.

(1) Physical Disability Permits. Temporary Physical Disability Permits will be issued to those approved applicants based on application, substantiation of need, and availability for a limited time.

(2) Vendor and Contractor permits. Vendor and Contractor permits may be purchased at the OUHSC Parking Office. Contractor permits are valid only in those spaces identified by the terms and specifications of the contract or as otherwise authorized by the OUHSC Parking Office.

(3) Media permits. As an accommodation to the public media, vehicles permanently marked as owned/operated by commercial media personnel may be parked in any legal non-restricted space in the Oklahoma Health Center without displaying any OUHSC permit. Members of the public media operating personal or unmarked vehicles while covering events on the Oklahoma Health Center campus may obtain special parking permits through the OUHSC Parking Office.

(4) Other special permits. Permits may be acquired for special purpose such as loading equipment, conference parking, etc., by making application to the OUHSC Parking Office. includes special permits for buses, trailers and other large vehicles for parking in areas designated on the special permit.

(5) Service vehicle permits. Permits may be acquired at the OUHSC Parking Office for parking in unreserved service vehicle parking spaces.


(b) General requirements. Holders of special permits must assume complete responsibility for the use of their permit privileges. Misuse of the permit will result in the suspension of the privileges.

(1) Displaying permit. Special permits must be displayed in accordance with the instructions provided therewith in order to be valid.

(2) Prohibited areas. Special permits authorize access to certain restricted parking spaces or areas; they do not authorize parking in prohibited areas including but not limited to red zones; fire lanes; driveways or travel lanes; blocking sidewalks, curb cuts, or access to fire hydrants or connections; Service Vehicle spaces; reserved parking spaces; or any other designated tow-away zones.

2-1-3. Lost or Stolen Permits

(a) Reporting. Lost or stolen parking permits and/or gate cards must be reported to the OUHSC Parking Office regardless of the location at which the loss/theft occurred. The permit holder will be responsible for all citations issued to vehicles displaying that permit until it has been reported as missing.

(b) Replacement. Lost or stolen permits / gate cards will be replaced for a fee. No refund will be given if the lost/stolen card is returned.

(c) Displaying a lost or stolen permit. Any vehicle (including the vehicle for which the permit was originally issued) displaying a permit or gate card which has been reported lost or stolen will be issued a parking citation and/or may be subject to impoundment or booting.


2-1-4. Custody of Permits

(a) Notice. Parking permits are the property of OUHSC Parking Services and must be surrendered upon separation. Permits are not to be given, resold, or transferred to another individual. Unreturned permit holders are subject to the Lost Permit Fee of $15.00.



3-1-1. Traffic Requirements

(a) Local ordinances. Oklahoma State Statutes and City of Oklahoma City municipal ordinances governing registration, licensing, and/or operation of motor and other vehicles are applicable at the Oklahoma Health Center.

(b) Speed limit. The speed limit in OUHSC controlled parking lots is 10 miles per hour unless posted otherwise.

(c) Parking/driving off roadways. Except for OUHSC and service vehicles, motor vehicles may be driven only on roadways, and must observe applicable statutes/ordinances. Emergency vehicles may operate on sidewalks or off roadways at will when making emergency response.

(d) Pedestrians. Pedestrians will be given the right-of-way at all times.

(e) Parking traffic control devices. Moving, parking in front of, blocking, or driving around parking/traffic control devices is strictly prohibited, and may constitute a violation of state law as well as this Chapter.

(f) Violations. Violation of traffic requirements may result in loss of parking privileges in OUHSC parking lots and garages.

3-1-2. Designated Parking Areas

(a) Color codes. It is unlawful to park in front of painted curbs without proper authorization. A standard color-code is used on curbing, edge striping, and other parking space identification to indicate certain restrictions as follows:

(1) Red. Red means prohibition of parking by all users ("No Parking Any Time").

(2) White. White means parking is reserved for loading use (30 minute time limit).

(3) Blue. Blue means parking is reserved for use by disability permit holders.

(4) Green. Green means a parking space is reserved for a specific individual's use. The space may be marked by an alphanumeric designation (ex. 1G123), the word “Reserved”, by a posted sign, or by a combination of these.

(b) Restricted parking lots/garages. It is not allowed for vehicles to enter or park in restricted lots during the posted hours without paying the appropriate fee or displaying a valid permit for that parking space, zone or lot. Whether or not a gate is open during the hours of parking is not an indication that an unauthorized vehicle may drive through and park in the restricted lot. The operator must park only in those spaces or areas allocated and designated for the type of permit displayed on their vehicle. Lack of space in a particular lot is not a valid excuse for violating parking rules, and will not be considered as a valid basis for appeal.

3-1-3. Metered Spaces

(a) Authority. OUHSC may designate metered parking spaces within any parking lot or area on the Oklahoma Health Center for general use, or on those portions of public streets within the Oklahoma Health Center district, and may specify the fee to be charged and the length of time for parking in each space.

(b) Rules for parking in metered spaces. The following rules apply specifically to parking in metered spaces:

(1) Parking in inactive/inoperable meters. Both on-street and off-street parking meters shall be designed so that they can be activated by insertion of lawful coins of the United States. No person may park a motor vehicle in metered spaces pursuant to this section without activation and for longer than the maximum indicated length of time. If the meter is inoperable, no vehicle may be parked in the metered space.

(2) Multiple violations. Vehicles parked in metered spaces without the meter being activated by lawful coins will be subject to the issuance of a citation for each period of one hour that the vehicle occupies the space with an expired meter.

(3) Extended parking at meters. It is not allowed for a vehicle to occupy any portion of a metered space longer than the maximum time limit on the meter.

4) Abuse of meters. It is unlawful for any person to damage, tamper with, willfully break, destroy or impair the usefulness of, or open without lawful authority any parking meter installed pursuant to these rules. No person may insert any object into a parking meter that is not a lawful coin of the United States.


3-1-4. Method of Parking The following general rules apply to parking anywhere on the Oklahoma Health Center:

(1) Boundaries. When parked, the entire motor vehicle must be within the boundaries of the lines marking a single parking space.

(2) Double parking. Vehicles may not be double-parked or parked in any position which prevents adjacent vehicles from entering or exiting their parking space.

(3) Parking direction. Vehicles parking on a street must be parked facing the same direction as the flow of traffic in the adjacent lane. When spaces are designed at an angle (diagonally) to a street curb or dividing median, vehicles shall be parked therein with the front of the vehicle next to the curb or median.

(4) Designated area. Vehicles must be parked only in designated parking areas. Any vehicle parking in a red zone, driveway, travel lane, or any area not specifically marked as a legal parking space will be subject to citation and may be impounded.

(5) Disabled vehicles. A disabled vehicle may not be parked for more than 48 hours without approval from the OUHSC Parking Office. If the vehicle is obstructing traffic or creating a hazard, it must be moved immediately.

(6) Time limitation. No vehicle may be parked continuously in one place for more than 24 hours without approval from the OUHSC Parking Office. Signs or other markings indicating a time limit for any space or area shall be strictly observed. Exceeding the stated limit may be cause for citation and/or impoundment even though the vehicle is otherwise authorized to be parked in the subject space.

(7) Service and loading zones. “Service" and "Loading" zones are enforced in all areas unless otherwise marked. Vehicles other than those identified as belonging to OUHSC or institutions or entities of the Oklahoma Health Center or commercial vehicles which do not display a loading permit may be impounded.

(8) Disability parking. Spaces identified by a sign and/or pavement marking bearing the international pictographic symbol for a wheelchair are reserved for use only by vehicles displaying a state-issued Physical Disability permit in conjunction with any valid purchased OUHSC permit.

(9) Reserved Parking. Spaces and/or areas marked as reserved parking are reserved (24 hours/day) only for the individual assigned. Holders of reserved spaces may not "loan" or offer their reserved space to someone else when they are off work or otherwise not using their space.

3-1-5. Motorcycle and Motorbike Parking

Motorcycles and motorbikes may NOT be parked inside any OUHSC structure not specifically designed and equipped for vehicular parking, blocking any portion of sidewalks, ramps, stairs, landings, building entrances, breezeways, or porches, or preventing or impeding safe ingress and egress at any facility; motorcycles and motorbikes parked in any of these areas are subject to impoundment.

3-1-6. Visitor and Patient Parking

(a) Designated areas. Visitors and patients shall park in metered spaces or in parking spaces specifically designated for visitor/patient parking. Parking areas designated for visitors and patients shall not be used by employees or students.

(b) Payment of parking fees. Parking fees for visitors and patients may be paid in cash, with tokens, or with validated parking coupons.

3-1-7. Unusual Parking Needs

Individuals or departments planning to conduct short courses, workshops, conferences or special events to which persons from off campus will be invited should inform the Parking Office as soon as possible, preferably at least one week in advance of the event, of the anticipated attendance, duration of the event and special parking or traffic management requirements.

a. Only the Parking Office is authorized to commit or approve the use or closure of university parking facilities. Departments or individuals may not reserve any spaces in any lot with any parking or traffic control devices without expressed pre-approval from Parking Services. Cones placed without approval are subject to impound by parking.

b. The approval of the university Department of Public Safety is required for any special event that will necessitate the disruption or re-routing of vehicular traffic flow, the closure of campus streets, or that involves parades including motor vehicles or motorcades (with or without police escort).

c. Students, faculty members or staff may apply in advance for visitor parking permits for individuals or groups whom they invite to the campus. Notice should be given to the Parking Office sufficiently in advance to make appropriate parking arrangements and deliver required permits, preferably one week in advance of the visit, minimum.

3-1-8. Damage to Parking Equipment, Structures, etc.

It is unlawful for any person to deface, damage, tamper with, willfully break, destroy, impair the usefulness of, or open without lawful authority parking equipment, meters, gates, structures or signs. In addition to any parking citation which may be issued for violation of this rule, OUHSC may assess the cost of repairs against the violator.

3-1-9. Parking Fees

OUHSC shall establish, in writing, rates for parking consistent with the rates of the industry within the geographic area. 



4-1-1. Penalties

Any person violating any provisions of this Chapter is subject to a civil penalty as indicated in the following schedule:

(1) Violation of 2-1-1(a), Parking without a valid permit, $25.00

(2) Violation of 2-1-1(b), Failure to Display permit properly, $25.00

(3) Violation of 2-1-2(a)(1), 3-1-4(8), Unauthorized parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities, $125.00

(4) Violation of 2-1-2(a)(2), Unauthorized parking in a vendor or contractor vehicle space, $25.00

(5) Violation of 2-1-2(a)(5), Unauthorized parking in a service vehicle space, $25.00

(6) Violation of 2-1-3, Displaying a lost or stolen permit, $125.00

(7) Violation of 3-1-1(c), Parking on grass, $25.00 sidewalks or off of roadway, $25.00 Plus cost of repair

(8) Violation of 3-1-1(e), Interference with parking/traffic control devices, $30.00, plus the cost of repairs

(9) Violation of 3-1-2(a), 3-1-4(7), Parking in front of yellow, white, blue or green curbs without authorization, $25.00

(10) Violation of 3-1-3, Parking at expired meter, $20.00

(11) Violation of 3-1-3(b)(4), Abuse of meters, $75.00 plus cost of repair

(12) Violation of 3-1-4(1), Parking outside boundary lines of single parking space,$25.00

(13) Violation of 3-1-4(2), Double Parking, $25.00

(14) Violation of 3-1-4(3), Parking in wrong direction, $25.00

(15) Violation of 3-1-4(4), Parking in an area not designated for parking use, $25.00

(16) Violation of 3-1-4(5), Leaving disabled vehicle more than 48 hours, $50.00, plus impound costs

(17) Violation of 3-1-4(6), Time Limitation, $25.00

(18) Violation of 3-1-5, Improper motorcycle parking, $25.00 Page 15 of 20

(19) Violation of 3-1-7, Damage to Parking equipment or structures, $75.00 plus the cost

(20) Violation of 3-1-9, Unauthorized parking in a reserved space or area, $40.00

(21) Other violations, $25.00-$150.00

4-1-2. Repeat Offenses

If any vehicle is cited for violation of the parking rules in this Chapter with respect to parking more than five times in a period of twelve months or more than twice in a period of thirty days, the OUHSC Parking Office may cancel any parking permit issued to such vehicle without refund of any portion of the fee paid thereof and shall cause the violator's license plate number to be entered on a list of repeat offenders. Once a license plate number is considered a repeat offender, the vehicle is subject to impoundment or immobilization upon being parked in violation of this Chapter. A citation found to be invalid shall not be counted for purpose of this section. Any repeat offenses of this nature will be forwarded to the appropriate agency for disciplinary action(s).

4-1-3. Vehicle Impoundment

(a) Circumstances justifying impoundment. The OUHSC Parking Office reserves the right to cite, auto-clamp (boot), or tow at the owner's expense any vehicle in violation of established parking rules. Persistent violators may have their parking privileges denied. Parking control personnel of the OUHSC Parking Office are authorized to impound vehicles as follows:

(1) Any vehicle to which three or more parking citations have been issued where the appeal period on those citations has expired with no action taken toward their disposition.

(2) Any vehicle displaying an OUHSC parking permit which has been reported lost or stolen.

(3) Any vehicle displaying a forged, altered, or unauthorized OUHSC parking permit.

(4) Vehicles parked blocking crosswalks, curb-cuts, sidewalks, building entrances, spaces reserved for vehicles displaying Physical Disability permits, blocking access to a fire hydrant or fire department connection, in a fire lane, blocking access to a trash dumpster or trailer, in any other marked tow-away-zone, or on grass or other landscaped surface.

(5) Vehicles parked in a driveway or travel lane or otherwise so as to impede vehicular traffic flow or constitute a traffic hazard, blocking the operation of or access by emergency equipment including but not limited to law enforcement vehicles, fire apparatus, and emergency medical vehicles, or preventing the making of essential repairs to Oklahoma Health Center facilities.

(6) Vehicles parked in the area between a sidewalk and the curb of a street in areas contiguous to Oklahoma Health Center property.

(7) Unauthorized vehicles parked in a Loading or Service Vehicle space or zone without the proper permit.

(8) Vehicles parked in a posted "No Parking" area.

(9) Vehicles which appear to have been abandoned.

(10) Motor vehicles parked inside a structure not designed and equipped for that purpose, or preventing or impeding safe ingress or egress at any facility.

(11) Vehicles appearing on a repeat offender list issued by the OUHSC Parking Office, as described in 4-1-2.


(b) Citations in addition to impoundment. Vehicles being impounded are also subject to citation for the violation which necessitated their removal, as applicable.

(c) Custody of vehicles. Impounded vehicles may be taken to OUHSC facilities or to a commercial provider's facility.

(1) Commercial provider facility. Vehicles impounded may be held in the custody of the commercial wrecker service. Owners of such vehicles will pay all charges and fees due direct to that commercial provider. Storage charges at these facilities begin to accrue immediately.

(2) OUHSC facility. The OUHSC Parking Office may at its discretion, elect to hold certain impounded vehicles. In such cases, the owner will pay an impoundment fee to OUHSC, in addition to any fines or other fees, to obtain release of their vehicle. This impoundment fee must be paid prior to release.

(d) Vehicle impounded in error. If a vehicle is determined to have been impounded in error, all charges associated with the impoundment will be waived. If already collected, such fees will be refunded upon application to the OUHSC Parking Office. The owner may also make application for refund of charges and fees paid to the commercial wrecker service provider.

(e) Release of impounded vehicles. Release of vehicles may be accomplished at the OUHSC Parking Office. The OUHSC Parking Office will coordinate release approval. Claimants must present satisfactory proof of ownership and positive identification documentation including a valid driver's license. All towing, storage and impound fees must be paid prior to release of the vehicle.

(f) Release prior to impound. If the operator of the vehicle to be impounded arrives at the vehicle prior to the tow truck moving the vehicle from where it was parked, such operator shall be issued an additional OUHSC parking citation, and the civil penalty shall be the normal tow fee.

(g) Storage fee. A storage fee of $15.00 per day may be charged to the owner or custodian of vehicles left at the OUHSC facility for more than twenty-four hours after towing.

4-1-4. Vehicle Immobilization

(a) Notice. Any vehicle parked in violation of this Chapter may be immobilized by use of a wheel boot. Notice of the application of a wheel boot shall be posted prominently in one of three locations depending on the type of vehicle:

(1) on the driver's side of the front window of the vehicle, or

(2) on the rear windshield, or

(3) on the driver's side window.

(b) Release. The OUHSC Parking Office may refuse to authorize release of the vehicle to the owner or custodian until the cost of immobilization has been paid or bond posted. Wheel boots may only be removed by the OUHSC Parking Office staff, upon payment of the $25.00 immobilization fee. The owner or custodian of a vehicle impounded under any of these rules may appeal the immobilization in person or in writing within ten calendar days to the OUHSC Parking Office. Submitting an appeal is not a substitute for payment of the immobilization fee.

(c) Impoundment. Vehicles immobilized for longer than thirty-six hours shall be removed to a storage area. The owner/custodian of the vehicle shall be responsible for both the immobilization and impoundment fees as well as any applicable storage fees.

4-1-5. Impoundment of Abandoned and Derelict Vehicles

Any vehicle that has not been moved, is partially dismantled or wrecked and/or does not display a current license plate and left in such condition for more than 48 hours shall be considered abandoned. Such vehicles shall be removed to the OUHSC or Commercial Provider's storage area at owner's expense and disposed of according to law.



5-1-1. Appeals

(a) Time requirement. Any person cited for a violation of any portion of the parking rules in this manual for which a fine is imposed or a vehicle is impounded or immobilized for violations may appeal within ten calendar days of issuance to the OUHSC Parking Office. Failure to meet the ten-day appeal period requirement shall result in a forfeiture of all appeal privileges.

(b) Appeal procedures. Appeals must be submitted to the OUHSC Parking Office either online through your parking account or on a hand-written form provided by the OUHSC Parking Office. The hand-written form can also be found on the Parking Website. No appeal will be considered until a bond in the amount of the fine has been posted with the OUHSC Parking Office. (The citation must be paid in order to appeal.)

(c) Hearing and final disposition of appeals. OUHSC may delegate to a hearing officer or committee the authority to hear appeals on its behalf. Disposition of an appeal by such hearing officer or committee shall be final. Final disposition shall mean a ruling in which the hearing officer or committee affirms, modifies, or reverses a citation or penalty for a parking violation.

(d) Payment of towing and storage fees pending appeal. Submitting an appeal does not substitute for payment of the towing and storage fees for removal of an impounded vehicle. If an appeal is sustained, the costs of towing and storage will be refunded.

(e) This appeal procedure is available to any person who receives an OUHSC Parking citation and/or Tobacco Use Citation.



6-1-1. Late Payment Charge

Citations not paid or appealed within ten days are subject to an additional $10.00 "late payment" charge. Payment must be received in the OUHSC Parking Office where payment is made in person, or postmarked when mailed, within 10 days of the date the citation is issued.

6-1-2. Method of Payment

All parking citations may be paid at the OUHSC Parking Office in person, by mail, or on-line with a credit card (we accept all major credit cards except American Express.) Payments can be made in cash, by check, or with a credit / debit card at the OUHSC Parking Office. The OUHSC Parking Office will not be responsible for cash lost in the mail. Large amounts of coins will only be accepted if rolled. Upon request, our office can supply coin rolls to anyone attempting to pay by this method.

6-1-3. Replacement Fee

A lost or stolen parking permit must be reported immediately to the OUHSC Parking Office. The fee for a lost or stolen permit is $15.00.

6-1-4. Returned Checks

A $25.00 service charge shall be imposed for all returned checks. No parking permit may be issued to any individual who has outstanding debts to the OUHSC Parking Office.

6-1-5. Collection Methods

Unpaid charges for citations are a debt to the State of Oklahoma and will be referred for collection or collected through all available means. Violators will be liable to the University for all costs of collections, including but not limited to litigation expenses, attorney's fees, and departmental or agency charges, should the debt be referred to the University Collections Department or an outside agency.



7-1-1. Handbills, Advertisements, Fliers, etc.

The posting of handbills, advertisements, fliers, etc. on vehicles parked on campus is expressly prohibited except where permission is granted from Parking Services

7-1-2. Feeding Wildlife

No one shall feed wildlife in or around parking areas. This includes, but is not limited to birds, dogs, cats, or possums. Violation could result in revocation of parking privileges.