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Print-At-Home Parking Daypass

Purchase a Print-At-Home Parking Daypass if you are a rotating student or

a student visiting from another university without a parking permit.

If you DO NOT have an OUHSC Parking Account or an OUHSC email address use the button below.


Set up a new OUHSC Parking Account Here

You will need:
  • Vehicle info
  • Tag number
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
Daypasses are $4 per day and can be purchased for multiple days.
When a new OUHSC Parking account has been created, follow the directions below.

Directions to purchase a parking daypass:

  1. Scroll down and click "Get Permits" > Click "Next"
  2. Click "Printable Daily Pass" then check all the boxes.
  3. When your permit is paid for (verify price) go back to the main menu.
  4. Click "View Your Permit" and then print.
Display your Daypass permit on your vehicle dashboard when you visit the OUHSC Campus, Daypasses are good only at the Harold Hamm Lot (10B). Harold Hamm Lot (10B) Location. Do not park in Patient Parking, Reserved Parking, or Health Club parking.



If you currently have an OUHSC email address and parking account click here

Purchase a Daypass Here

Follow directions (1-5) above to purchase